Monday, May 25, 2015

Keep it rubber-side down.

New tires were sorely needed on the Honda, as the Pirellis it was wearing were way past their prime.
They were perfectly decent tires, but almost exclusively for asphalt/tarmac/blacktop (whatever you wanna call it).
I wanted something more suited to a bit of dirt, nothing extreme of course but the occasional dirt road up to a campsite, that kind of thing.
While I would have gone for Heidenau K60 Scouts (currently my favourite tire), I was pleasantly surprised by the Dunlop Trailmax that dad picked up:

The tread pattern looks good, they are very neutral on the road and I'm looking forward to the next dirt road to see what they're like. For a dual purpose tire, they're also very quiet on the road.

Yes, the bike is filthy at the moment... and I kinda like it that way. That said, I'll give it a bath soon, it can actually look quite cool when it's all clean.


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