Friday, June 12, 2015

Aaaah.... freshhh.

No, I did not buy a brand new Honda, I just washed mine. What a difference huh? Man that thing was filthy, poor bike!

The fantastic weather we enjoyed on republic day made for the perfect time to finally look after this bike. I went over it with a brush and solvent for the more stubborn dirt, then gave it a... vigorous wash (see what I did there?), and used CRC 6-66 marine spray on all locks and electrical connectors.
I also, finally, got around to making a simple bracket to mount the original small heat shield on the new exhaust headers. The material I had was not really the best so it will probably break sooner rather than later, but at least I know how to make another just as soon as I get some sturdier metal.
Still, I am digging the way it looks now, I'm very happy with it!


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